Outside, charcoal on paper, 2016

Outside, charcoal on paper, 2016



Born in Istanbul, 1990

Despite having a great interest in drawing, painting and sculpting, raised himself up as a musician and electronic music producer

Moved to Brussels / Belgium in 2009 to study Sound Engineering at SAE Institute.

Stopped his musical education two years later, started studying drawing briefly at Royal Academy of Fine Arts Brussels between 2013-2014

Moved to Groningen and started Academie Minerva, Autonomous Fine Arts in 2015, started painting, printmaking and made various performances.

Artist Statement:

Art is defined in many ways throughout the history. My personal practice is not an attempt of challenging what that definition may be. It is rather taking a very fundamental aspect and let that be a principal inspiration in my practice: communication.

Image making (mainly painting) is a tool I use for establishing that connection.

I believe every encounter of the sitter and the painter from the beginning of painting until the final brush stroke is the backbone of portraiture, whether that means depicting a reflection of myself through a mirror or having confessional conversations with various sitters.

In this regard, my work is an attempt to capture the time based event that lays behind what we call final result.

Another principal element of my work comes from personal interest in politics, philosophy, history and human sciences. While I try to expose what lays beneath an image, reflections and questions on those personal interests also gives a second layer to my artworks.